Simon Willard Chapter of the Daughters of the American Colonists

             Born at Horsmond in the County of Kent England.  Emigrated to America and received a land grant on August 4, 1634 in Cambridge Massachusetts.  This he sold and purchased land from the Indians where he founded a plantation known as Concord. Simon served as Representative to General Court and Magistrate of the General Court. In 1676 his home and possessions were burned during King Philip’s War. 

             Married to Mary Sharpe in England and Elizabeth Dunster in America.  He was the father of several children.  Simon died of a cold on April 24, 1676

             Major Willard served in the settlement of the British Colony of New England America in 1634.  Her served as Commander in Chief of British Forces against hostile Indian tribes. He had service in the Military Legislature and in the Judicial System of the American Commonwealth until his death at the age of 72 years.






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